Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Feeling Better...

Ah. Thank you people at Forumites for making my day by calming me down. Thanks for cheering me up. I had a rough day yesterday. Yesterday, I felt my lowest in years. This was not a suicide note. I said and quote, "I would gladly do it but my fear of God shows me not to." I have a fully conscious mind and because I fear Him more than anything else in the world and my full moral beliefs, I know that was wrong. I said I could do it but I can't. Life is too precious. Yesterday, I needed somebody to talk to. My brother got me absoutely pissed yesterday. Then, there is... never mind.

Anyway, I feel bad for making you guys feel bad with this post so please, forgive me. Thanks again for cheering me up. Thanks everyone for making my day back to normal. I cried when I read some post, looking that I am appreciated.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Am I So Hated?

Am I so hated? Tell me, please. I am being ignored everyday of my life. My friends would exclude me from conversations. I would loiter the compound, doing nothing but thinking to myself, what have I become, my sweetest friend? I am very sad that I have no true friends. I have nobody by my side, to support me or cheer on. They would discriminate me and harass me. I feel so hated and violated. Like the song Hurt, the lyrics Everyone I know, Goes away, In the end is very true to my life. Even online, I am ignored. Nobody wants to talk to me. At times, I feel like killing myself but I know what is right and wrong. Have I ever been bad to you? Have I ever made fun of you? I may have said "Fuck" but you have to realize, I have Tourette Syndrome. I have a rage problem as well but all I want to be is you friend. I feel like Kurt in his family - unwanted. If you do not want me as your friend, tell me and tell my flaws. I feel horrible around people. I walk past anyone and I realize that my life has been a delusion. Please, before something bad happens, tell me. If you really don't like me, be honest. I hate dishonest people and you honestly hate me, May God Have Mercy On Your Soul.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Schindler's List

For Stan and Kenny, You will say this movie sucks.

I just bought Schindler's List and I advise everyone that you should just see it once. Not twice, just once. Horrifying and scarcely unfunny. Never once you will see the happy moment of the common Polish Jew. They hid their jewelry in their bread, they hid under floorboard and pianos and for the worse, doctors kill their patients so that the German soldiers won't kill the ill.

It is saddening to watch this. I have an ache reviewing this. Thanks a lot.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Jumpin' Jambalaya Batman, TAR 8

Three days have past during this holiday semester and I was deprived of technology for the first two days. At least today, I get to enjoy the smell of Crawfish Jambalaya and registration of a site. The Sims 2 either rock or you have to be freaking retard to like it because of it's bare necessity. Now, I have done my research on the Transition Metals Used In Industries so I am now going to enjoy a good fragging session on Halo, bludgeoning of the head in Civ 3, putting into a hole in Sim Golf and playing dress-up like a demented stripper in The Sims 2.

Last Friday, I had to go on the stage to give some poetry about this country. I am so sorry that I suck at it. I had to scream at the top of my voice and do the dang thing. Now I know how Jon Heder feels when he was doing that dance in Napoleon Dynamite.

Discoveries of the Amazing Race 8 that it is a family edition might scare everyone. Groups of 4 people will run their lives for 1 million dollars. A little girl aged 9 is supposedly the train of competitive spirit. If I asked her, "Girl, what do you wanna do with your money?" and she says she wanna buy a pony, I will fucking slap her face. Some people are doing it to reconnect their family. That's good and great but what I hate is feint cheers and camera mugging moments. Now, if we only need an Asian team. Purely Asian going like "Me love you long time" kind of Asian. Two Asian who can't speak proper and gramatically correct English or even with an Indian accent. Guess that will never happen.

Now, if you will excuse me, please sign a petition to help me and other Nighcrawler fans to keep our comicbook going on and on. Sign the

We want this comic book to go on forever and we need your help. I am not asking you to draft just save this comic. Please.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Watch or DIE!


This trailer is nail-biting material. It is just as bad when I watched the trailer for Ray, TAR 7, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

PARTY! and loads of other things

I just had to said that when my parents left for Perth. 14 degree Celsius with partially cloudy skies. A lot of shit has happened since I last posted. A lot of shows I have watched since the last time I posted. Problem is that I was banned so I would like to read a list of people that I will like to blame on.

1. Ms. V.G. - You are a bitch. A procrascinating bitch who waste time giving useless projects and test because you have applied Kindergarten teaching methods. So, I would like to say you are full of shit and fuck you.

Anyway, back on for the week and a lot of things have happened. The haze just swept the country, allowing 876 schools and me to have a 4 day holiday. I have watched Little Britain and still, I wonder what will Lady Di would do if she saw it. Luther Vandross died. Sad. Amazing Race 7 winners are Uchenna and Joyce. Amazing Race 8 is about to start. Survivor: Guatemala is about to start too and Survivor: Palau is won by an NY fireman (God Bless You, Sir). The Apprentice will feature George Lucas and theiving, lying bitch Martha Stewart.

What is with London being bombed after just one day being announced to host the Olympics 2012? I don't understand people these days. Let's blow up people because they have different religion/race/sex/sexuality. Doesn't God/Allah/Jewish God wants same equality among the race, religion and sexes? If they are gays, I'm fine with them but in some other fucked up country, the religious groups would first stone them. If you are a woman and you like woman, me too. If you are a man fag, anybody willing to suck my dick is a good person. It doesn't I would let you but I like the thought behind it. It is just a hypothetical situation.

Gott, so much to say but so little time. Time to post off I would like to leave with five quotes.
1. Mein Gott - Nightcrawler
2. It's sending messages that Mexicans are stupid. No, it's sending messages to eat tacos. - Carlos Mencia
3. I'll take the chicken maricon and the enchilladas cabron.
4. BAMF! - Nightcrawler
5. I already have AT&T. - me saying that to Streamyx dealer to whom I lied to

Good Day!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Fuck You by Norman

Yes, my title today is an offensive word. In other words, it is "FUCK". I am sick and tired of the bastards around my country treating people. The other day, I was at the convienience store getting some chocolate bars. There was this retarded man who was asking on the streets for a dollar to buy soay bean. Everyone said they would buy for him but he said he wants to buy it himself. I got out of the store and the poor fella was still there. He asked me to open the door so I opened it. The cashiers looked at me with utter disgust. I am here to state down my absolute opinion on what my country should have right now. My country should have a war like the 1940's and these youngsters will learn untiy and equality immediately. We, the teens and youngsters, have no absolute appreciation for peace and the freedom. We abuse it by misusing the freedom. I don't say that my country should become a Hitlerville or another China, but we should do is teach these people the true meaning of freedom and unity. I say, wse evaluate these people with their Moral marks in their exams. Then, we test them out in a situation where one will possibly try and help out. Then, we hire them. I would like to end this post with a quote I wrote in 6 minutes.

F is for Friendship, U is for Unity, C is for Caring and K is for Kindness. What do you get if you combine them all? F... U... C... K...!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I Hate Biology

I have a gutsy and bad feeling in Biology class. I hate animals and I am against pretty much everything. Well, disection should be banned. This wholesome plan to see the inerds of some poor defenseless animal is predictably horrid. I hate to say this but I just wanna puke.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

What Did I Do During The Holidays?

Day 1 - Nothing
Day 2 - Nothing of significance.
Day 3 - Chemistry class...
Day 4 - Chemistry class + Headache = Messed up day
Day 5 - Gastrick + A Visit to a Friend's house = quite bad
Day 6 - Collected tickets to F1 + The Sims 2 University = Okay Day
Day 7 - Physics + Adjusted to Lifestyle = . . .
Day 8 - Getting bored
Day 9 - Found out that I have one more holiday homework that nobody bothered to tell me. Don't know what to do or give the excuse = How could things get any worse [Dad brought bro to F1]

Summary in equations are subjected to the day's experience and I also have to say that life is not perfect and I hope *censored due to very bad curse unleashed upon formention teacher*

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Shade Clipse aka Ben Pickett, May You Rest In Peace!

Today, it is a sad day for all Forumites member. A dear friend of us has left us. His name is Cloud Strife aka Shade Clipse aka Benjamin Pickett. Benjamin Pickett was a good friend to everyone and the best of friends to a few. He sticks out as an individual and he will surely be missed by his classmates, friends, acquaintances and especially, his family.

He died due to a disease which he lived through all his life. Aneurysm is his killer and it killed him in a pool. His friends, Predius, Gladiuse, Redstar and those who were around him were there to send him off. It is with a heavy-heart I must say goodbye to Shade Clipse.

To his parents, hang on with your heart. Your son will be with you forever in your heart. It is not time to bear grief but it is to remember what has you and your son has done. The memory is everlasting and you will all be together again.

To his friends, hold on to what you have remembered with him. The good or bad, chaotic or victoriuous. He had good times with all of us and especially, good times with his friends who are with him.

I did have one chance to speak to him. It was on AIM, on the chat-room, last year. It was the last time we had a random chat with explosions and me killing Redstar with a gun. It was great and it was fun. That was the last time I spoke to him.

I would like to give thanks to Redstar for being a great friend to Pickett. Redstar spent his time with Pickett's last moments on Earth. Those moments will be precious to you. I know it is hard to let go but you just have to. He didn't want to die like this but the Guy has to do something. It will take the toll on you but he would want you and all of us to be happy and not grieving because of this.

To those who were there to help him, same thing. I think he is thanking you for helping him. Concerned friends like you should be awarded a medal. You are great and I would like to consider all of you as heroes.

To the doctors, you have done your job but failed. It is not fault. It is even said in Hippocrates Oath. You are told to take care of your patients. Even you have failed to help stay alive, you have done your duties as doctors. You have served your duties with honour.

To Cloud, we will miss you buddy. I didn't speak to you much and I have tried to get to know you better. I have failed as a friend. Please forgive me. I hope the Guy have placed you in a greater place. Forgive me ever so much for anything I have said to you.

All of Forumites, please raise you glasses, gauntlets, mouse and mugs. This toast of tea and chrysanthemum or any drinks you have is to you Cloud Strife. May you rest in peace!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Malaysian Only Know How To Criticize

Hello and I am again posting live via Internet in Malaysia. Tom, it seems that we Malaysian only know how to criticize. We, Singapore and a few other Asian countries are all talk and no action. When I got this idea? In literature class.

That day, my aunt came over and to tell the truth, the future for me can be as bright as anything. She really try to down people down. I would like to tell you that I want to take a degree in Computer Science and she tried to down me down and quote, "If you want to take Computer Science, you have to take Additional Maths." I know that but I am trying to be a translator for a software or gaming company. She and my mom kept on drowning me in shit with that comment and about me being fat. I then splurted out that what my teacher is right. My teacher said and quoted, "Malaysians only know how to criticize. We only know how to judge people. That guy is fat, too tall, too short and even at times, looks dumb. Most of us are only all talk and no action."

Well, some people are happy to be what they are and I am happy to be fat like that Numa Numa guy. People can shut their fucking mouth about these criticizm because we do not know when to criticize. Sometimes, we criticize too much until that guy jumps off of a fucking building. One small thing like, there's Aedes in neighbourhood... thanks to that dirty man with his family of hicks. Leaving the pot outside, stagnant pond.... shut the fuck up. Again, we only how to talk but not act. If I saw someone annorexic, I'll invite her and stuff her fucking mouth with pie if I am a rich man. I am fed up with critics.

Well, my opinion and some people so deal with it.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

I Walk The Line

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
I keep my eyes wide open all the time
I keep the ends out for the tie that binds
Because you're mine, I walk the line

Ahh, Cash. Johnny Cash. The Man in Black. American Folk Hero and Country Idol.
Dead as a dodo, they are now only going to make a movie out of him (don't say remains).
As most of you know, I like Johnny Cash. He is my hero and I liked him very much. When I heard Joaquin Phoenix (Hotel Rwanda's Jack the Cameraman) was playing Johnny Cash in this movie, this movie has been marked as a much watch.

There a quite a few bioflicks over the years like Ray (Ray Charles), Hotel Rwanda (Paul Rusesabagina), that Ronald Reagan mini-series, Farentheit 9/11 (Bush's first term) and I think Living With Michael Jackson (documentary). Ray and Hotel Rwanda deserve an Oscar. Maybe Jamie Foxx and Don Chaedle sharing it will be good. Farentheit 9/11 is filled with some holes and gaps so it wasn't good and LWMJ was shocking.

According to, Mr. Cash asked Joaquin Phoenix to play the part and Mrs. Cash gave her blessing to Reese Witherspoon to play as Mrs. Cash herself. Of all the choices, Reese Witherspoon? Legally Blond? When I saw that, I laughed it out so hard I think my head just kept thinking of how is this movie gonna look like. Well, a country and world music fan such as myself will watch this movie. I think in Malaysia, I'll be the first to queue up for the seats because I wanna see the life of The Man In Black.

Also, visit my forum at and check out how we can establish world peace in a respectful manner.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Eat Your Heart Out... Really...

A Nairobi man will be sentenced to death soon for he literally took the term 'eat your wife's heart out'. The police arrested him in his house as he began to devour the heart. Blood running down from his mouth. Kenyan authorities said that "If only Bessie Head was here, she'll write more on Botswana..."

Also, I would like to commomerate the death of the late Johnny Carson. He was once a host of the Tonight Show. He moved the show from NY to Burbank. He would later take the show for two decades and in 1992, his last guest were Robin Williams and some other guy. The last show had no audience and that some other guy sang him out.

So, 23 January 2005... Johnny Carson Died.

If A Genie Could Grant Me 5 Wishes, I Would Wish... Oil Prices Went Up and So Do Wish Allowance

a) Eternal happiness for mankind
b) Make a real Willy Wonka and make the world's hunger go away with chocolate
c) cure for AIDS and cancer
d) a girlfriend (description shalt not b given)
e) not to be anti-semitic... the Jews in the media to get the fudge out.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Nothing Much But To Give A Line

"Seems there's a big debate going on about whether a new TV commercial for Minute Maid orange juice portrays Popeye and Bluto as gay lovers or just good friends. The commercial shows Popeye and Bluto at the beach and riding a bicycle for two. I don't think that makes them gay. I think the fact they both find Olive Oyl attractive, that makes them gay." (From "The Tonight Show," June 4, 2001)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Rush Biology and Rush Psychics

Today, in school, we rushed for everything. In English, teacher explained blantly about the homework. In the Malay class, the teacher explained shortly of what to do in our summary. Add Maths and History was quite calm until Biology and Physics. The teacher rushed us until we were a fighting terms at each other. Well, today, I conducted a poem about crossing the Rio Grande.

Border Unbound
by Impulse

In the land of the free,
Vast empty spaces as far as the eye can see,
Democracy in action just beyond the river,
The river call the Rio Grande.

Crossing the land will be hard,
U.S. guards patrol the area,
We plan to leave at midnight,
To get across the Rio Grande.

I will be free in America,
No oppression and no problems,
Climb over the fence,
Into the river called the Rio Grande.

Crossing the river is not difficult,
Wading through the river was easy,
Avoiding detection was speechlessly hard,
Sirens went off when we crossed the Rio Grande.

Shouts and shrieks were heard,
We ran towards the land of the free,
The helicopter gun down two of my people,
On the waters of the Rio Grande.

I ran quickly above to the bank,
Looking for a bush to hide,
Panting and cries heard,
Massacre created at the Rio Grande.

I walked for 4 hours along the road,
Hitchhiking to a city of dreams,
Dehydrated and saddened,
I am the only one who crossed the Rio Grande.

A kind stranger picked me up,
Put me up for work in the land of the free,
I am lucky to survive,
For I have gave a declamation about,
My crossing over the dangerous Rio Grande.

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

New Day Of School and Really Long Update

New school year and I must say, it is a real b*tch. I was first put in 4P then moved to 4C because of lesson collisions (Islamic Studies). 4P was very quiet and nice but then, I have to move to the class of deliquents. The class I have been in and stuck with it for three years. Three absolute years of terror and this year, terror has died down.

I pledged at least RM 100 to the Tsunami victims which I would now say getting really old. Umm, my trip to Shanghai (China) sucked and this year, I joined the new Forumites Forum. It is so cool that now, I become really helpful and I gained more friends there.

In school this year, I made some new friends. Justin, Pershanth, Kuo Jian and Adam are new students. They are quite bright and we are all in the same league. Maybe my immatureness may still stick but I am always mature when it comes to helping people.

Umm... I made friends with Toboe (De Marcus), Kae (yup, real name), FR (Belgian), moojuice (some US chick) and a whole lotta people. I have also made some enemies but they will not be mentioned cause later, unhired guns will come and ask me for any job that I can offer. :D

Anyway, that's it for now. Until a bigger thing happen, I will post more.

In the great words of Cris Fromage: KIFFLOM, BROTHER-UNCLE!