Saturday, August 13, 2005

PARTY! and loads of other things

I just had to said that when my parents left for Perth. 14 degree Celsius with partially cloudy skies. A lot of shit has happened since I last posted. A lot of shows I have watched since the last time I posted. Problem is that I was banned so I would like to read a list of people that I will like to blame on.

1. Ms. V.G. - You are a bitch. A procrascinating bitch who waste time giving useless projects and test because you have applied Kindergarten teaching methods. So, I would like to say you are full of shit and fuck you.

Anyway, back on for the week and a lot of things have happened. The haze just swept the country, allowing 876 schools and me to have a 4 day holiday. I have watched Little Britain and still, I wonder what will Lady Di would do if she saw it. Luther Vandross died. Sad. Amazing Race 7 winners are Uchenna and Joyce. Amazing Race 8 is about to start. Survivor: Guatemala is about to start too and Survivor: Palau is won by an NY fireman (God Bless You, Sir). The Apprentice will feature George Lucas and theiving, lying bitch Martha Stewart.

What is with London being bombed after just one day being announced to host the Olympics 2012? I don't understand people these days. Let's blow up people because they have different religion/race/sex/sexuality. Doesn't God/Allah/Jewish God wants same equality among the race, religion and sexes? If they are gays, I'm fine with them but in some other fucked up country, the religious groups would first stone them. If you are a woman and you like woman, me too. If you are a man fag, anybody willing to suck my dick is a good person. It doesn't I would let you but I like the thought behind it. It is just a hypothetical situation.

Gott, so much to say but so little time. Time to post off I would like to leave with five quotes.
1. Mein Gott - Nightcrawler
2. It's sending messages that Mexicans are stupid. No, it's sending messages to eat tacos. - Carlos Mencia
3. I'll take the chicken maricon and the enchilladas cabron.
4. BAMF! - Nightcrawler
5. I already have AT&T. - me saying that to Streamyx dealer to whom I lied to

Good Day!

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