Sunday, April 17, 2005

Fuck You by Norman

Yes, my title today is an offensive word. In other words, it is "FUCK". I am sick and tired of the bastards around my country treating people. The other day, I was at the convienience store getting some chocolate bars. There was this retarded man who was asking on the streets for a dollar to buy soay bean. Everyone said they would buy for him but he said he wants to buy it himself. I got out of the store and the poor fella was still there. He asked me to open the door so I opened it. The cashiers looked at me with utter disgust. I am here to state down my absolute opinion on what my country should have right now. My country should have a war like the 1940's and these youngsters will learn untiy and equality immediately. We, the teens and youngsters, have no absolute appreciation for peace and the freedom. We abuse it by misusing the freedom. I don't say that my country should become a Hitlerville or another China, but we should do is teach these people the true meaning of freedom and unity. I say, wse evaluate these people with their Moral marks in their exams. Then, we test them out in a situation where one will possibly try and help out. Then, we hire them. I would like to end this post with a quote I wrote in 6 minutes.

F is for Friendship, U is for Unity, C is for Caring and K is for Kindness. What do you get if you combine them all? F... U... C... K...!

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