Tuesday, January 11, 2005

New Day Of School and Really Long Update

New school year and I must say, it is a real b*tch. I was first put in 4P then moved to 4C because of lesson collisions (Islamic Studies). 4P was very quiet and nice but then, I have to move to the class of deliquents. The class I have been in and stuck with it for three years. Three absolute years of terror and this year, terror has died down.

I pledged at least RM 100 to the Tsunami victims which I would now say getting really old. Umm, my trip to Shanghai (China) sucked and this year, I joined the new Forumites Forum. It is so cool that now, I become really helpful and I gained more friends there.

In school this year, I made some new friends. Justin, Pershanth, Kuo Jian and Adam are new students. They are quite bright and we are all in the same league. Maybe my immatureness may still stick but I am always mature when it comes to helping people.

Umm... I made friends with Toboe (De Marcus), Kae (yup, real name), FR (Belgian), moojuice (some US chick) and a whole lotta people. I have also made some enemies but they will not be mentioned cause later, unhired guns will come and ask me for any job that I can offer. :D

Anyway, that's it for now. Until a bigger thing happen, I will post more.

In the great words of Cris Fromage: KIFFLOM, BROTHER-UNCLE!

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