Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Rush Biology and Rush Psychics

Today, in school, we rushed for everything. In English, teacher explained blantly about the homework. In the Malay class, the teacher explained shortly of what to do in our summary. Add Maths and History was quite calm until Biology and Physics. The teacher rushed us until we were a fighting terms at each other. Well, today, I conducted a poem about crossing the Rio Grande.

Border Unbound
by Impulse

In the land of the free,
Vast empty spaces as far as the eye can see,
Democracy in action just beyond the river,
The river call the Rio Grande.

Crossing the land will be hard,
U.S. guards patrol the area,
We plan to leave at midnight,
To get across the Rio Grande.

I will be free in America,
No oppression and no problems,
Climb over the fence,
Into the river called the Rio Grande.

Crossing the river is not difficult,
Wading through the river was easy,
Avoiding detection was speechlessly hard,
Sirens went off when we crossed the Rio Grande.

Shouts and shrieks were heard,
We ran towards the land of the free,
The helicopter gun down two of my people,
On the waters of the Rio Grande.

I ran quickly above to the bank,
Looking for a bush to hide,
Panting and cries heard,
Massacre created at the Rio Grande.

I walked for 4 hours along the road,
Hitchhiking to a city of dreams,
Dehydrated and saddened,
I am the only one who crossed the Rio Grande.

A kind stranger picked me up,
Put me up for work in the land of the free,
I am lucky to survive,
For I have gave a declamation about,
My crossing over the dangerous Rio Grande.

Have a nice day!

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