Saturday, March 05, 2005

Shade Clipse aka Ben Pickett, May You Rest In Peace!

Today, it is a sad day for all Forumites member. A dear friend of us has left us. His name is Cloud Strife aka Shade Clipse aka Benjamin Pickett. Benjamin Pickett was a good friend to everyone and the best of friends to a few. He sticks out as an individual and he will surely be missed by his classmates, friends, acquaintances and especially, his family.

He died due to a disease which he lived through all his life. Aneurysm is his killer and it killed him in a pool. His friends, Predius, Gladiuse, Redstar and those who were around him were there to send him off. It is with a heavy-heart I must say goodbye to Shade Clipse.

To his parents, hang on with your heart. Your son will be with you forever in your heart. It is not time to bear grief but it is to remember what has you and your son has done. The memory is everlasting and you will all be together again.

To his friends, hold on to what you have remembered with him. The good or bad, chaotic or victoriuous. He had good times with all of us and especially, good times with his friends who are with him.

I did have one chance to speak to him. It was on AIM, on the chat-room, last year. It was the last time we had a random chat with explosions and me killing Redstar with a gun. It was great and it was fun. That was the last time I spoke to him.

I would like to give thanks to Redstar for being a great friend to Pickett. Redstar spent his time with Pickett's last moments on Earth. Those moments will be precious to you. I know it is hard to let go but you just have to. He didn't want to die like this but the Guy has to do something. It will take the toll on you but he would want you and all of us to be happy and not grieving because of this.

To those who were there to help him, same thing. I think he is thanking you for helping him. Concerned friends like you should be awarded a medal. You are great and I would like to consider all of you as heroes.

To the doctors, you have done your job but failed. It is not fault. It is even said in Hippocrates Oath. You are told to take care of your patients. Even you have failed to help stay alive, you have done your duties as doctors. You have served your duties with honour.

To Cloud, we will miss you buddy. I didn't speak to you much and I have tried to get to know you better. I have failed as a friend. Please forgive me. I hope the Guy have placed you in a greater place. Forgive me ever so much for anything I have said to you.

All of Forumites, please raise you glasses, gauntlets, mouse and mugs. This toast of tea and chrysanthemum or any drinks you have is to you Cloud Strife. May you rest in peace!


John Smith said...

He was my friend too. Met the lad over Legendary Frog and then later joined Forumites. It's been a while since I've thought about him. I never met the lad but he has a place in my heart forever. I cried the day he died. I don't know if anyone will see this, just not that it's Chef11

Anonymous said...

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