Sunday, February 20, 2005

Malaysian Only Know How To Criticize

Hello and I am again posting live via Internet in Malaysia. Tom, it seems that we Malaysian only know how to criticize. We, Singapore and a few other Asian countries are all talk and no action. When I got this idea? In literature class.

That day, my aunt came over and to tell the truth, the future for me can be as bright as anything. She really try to down people down. I would like to tell you that I want to take a degree in Computer Science and she tried to down me down and quote, "If you want to take Computer Science, you have to take Additional Maths." I know that but I am trying to be a translator for a software or gaming company. She and my mom kept on drowning me in shit with that comment and about me being fat. I then splurted out that what my teacher is right. My teacher said and quoted, "Malaysians only know how to criticize. We only know how to judge people. That guy is fat, too tall, too short and even at times, looks dumb. Most of us are only all talk and no action."

Well, some people are happy to be what they are and I am happy to be fat like that Numa Numa guy. People can shut their fucking mouth about these criticizm because we do not know when to criticize. Sometimes, we criticize too much until that guy jumps off of a fucking building. One small thing like, there's Aedes in neighbourhood... thanks to that dirty man with his family of hicks. Leaving the pot outside, stagnant pond.... shut the fuck up. Again, we only how to talk but not act. If I saw someone annorexic, I'll invite her and stuff her fucking mouth with pie if I am a rich man. I am fed up with critics.

Well, my opinion and some people so deal with it.

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