Saturday, October 22, 2005

Am I So Hated?

Am I so hated? Tell me, please. I am being ignored everyday of my life. My friends would exclude me from conversations. I would loiter the compound, doing nothing but thinking to myself, what have I become, my sweetest friend? I am very sad that I have no true friends. I have nobody by my side, to support me or cheer on. They would discriminate me and harass me. I feel so hated and violated. Like the song Hurt, the lyrics Everyone I know, Goes away, In the end is very true to my life. Even online, I am ignored. Nobody wants to talk to me. At times, I feel like killing myself but I know what is right and wrong. Have I ever been bad to you? Have I ever made fun of you? I may have said "Fuck" but you have to realize, I have Tourette Syndrome. I have a rage problem as well but all I want to be is you friend. I feel like Kurt in his family - unwanted. If you do not want me as your friend, tell me and tell my flaws. I feel horrible around people. I walk past anyone and I realize that my life has been a delusion. Please, before something bad happens, tell me. If you really don't like me, be honest. I hate dishonest people and you honestly hate me, May God Have Mercy On Your Soul.

1 comment:

Jonathan ^^ said...

dude....i reli dun hate u...haha....feel sry bout u being treated like tat in wms...friggin bastards...:@