Friday, July 02, 2004

Have You Seen A President On Trial?

Have you seen a President on trial? Yeah and it is thrice. Once was Suharto in Indonesia, Bush and the 9-11 Commission and now, Saddam Hussein of Iraq on CNN. Now, do tell me whether the world is fair or not. Now, if we only had Hitler and Bin Laden which has the same religion as I am (I am not a radical tradiotionalist then why else would I be using this)....

Anyway, on Thursday, I shed a tear in class of the unbearable people around me who have made noise, poked fun and also mocked me. Soon, I will be writing a full confession of myself.

If we as teenagers could just learn to keep quiet and concentrate on our studies which I don't a care in the world. My stress has become so overwhelmed that I had to burst in tears like Tun Dr Mahathir. Well, what people in the north of Malaysia do when they are stressed out.

Anyway, I hope you all can maintain peace, harmony and blood... neighbourliness. Also, be one with the World and support MJ.

Here three links to make you smile.

Peace Out!

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